“I’m looking around, I’ve been here once before
Never knowing what it is that I’m waiting for
I’m running in circles in the same old spot
It’s time to post up and finally take my shot” Kevin Lytle - Master Plan

Who knows this song?

“Now I can see what I’ve thrown away
Now that it’s gone I will be okay
Now I can feel what it’s like to lose
I like being able to pick and choose
Now I can stand on my own again
I love how it feels to finally win” Kevin Lytle - Survive
“I’m swimming through a sea of thoughts inside my head
I’m looking back not knowing what’s ahead
I’m fighting through this sickness, no one hears me now
I’m holding on to what I cannot do without
I’m running from myself, I don’t know where to hide
This time I walk alone, my shadow by my side” Kevin Lytle - The Past
“Hoping to find what I’m looking for this
I know that I had it when I was in my prime
Looking for all that I’ve lost deep in you
I know once I’m free I can walk right on through
Finally seeing just what it is again
I feel what’s inside and I know how it’s been” Kevin Lytle - See The Light

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